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Silverlight application calls Account Service and Account Service calls.Make Visual Studio use an SSL enabled host for the WCF Service. basic Http bindings with SSL transport level security. or token automatically with.

WCF and Identity in .NET 4.5: External Authentication with

Authenticate WCF call to ADFS through Web Application Proxy. we use this SAML token to contact our service:. the WAP will let you pass.

Securing WCF Services with Custom WIF STS: A Step-By-Step

Security Considerations and Best Practices for WCF 4 Apps

Authentication Token Service for WCF Services (Part 1. then store the credentials in the session or a cookie or a JavaScript variable and pass them every time I.Create console application and modify the WCF Service to list all claims in the token of STS.

Send complex data to WCF service How to pass complex object to WCF service.

WCF and Identity in .NET 4.5: UserName/Password

WCF Series: Part #8 Using DotNetNuke Security Framework to

I have silverlight login page, where i am taking username, password passing it to WCF service and in WCF service i am trying to validate with AD. once i got.

Error when passing ActAs token to a wcf service

Hi Folks, We want to consume an existing WCF service from API gateway.I have a question about passing a token created on the server back to the client and then handling it if the token is wrong.When passing a UsernameToken in. it will pass the public version of the certificate in a WS-Security token named.

Hi, We are working a Silverlight application which interacts with WCF Services.I really need to know how i can pass a token to WCF service without adding an extra parameter to all my contracts, some value like a number so that i can use it later.Authenticating users with Supporting Tokens in WCF. Service X509 token,.

Custom WCF security token. this is the object that will get passed between the client and the service.

Passing SAML Token to WCF service from Asp.Net

OData and Authentication – Part 3 – ClientSide Hooks

The WCF service is implementing Security Token based authentication.

Fail to call wcf services using ASP.Net impersonation

I have WCF Rest Service running on a different IIS server. I.SharePoint 2010 Claims authentication and custom WCF Service. the SharePoint 2010 Security Token Service. around you constantly passing judgement on you.Trying to pass the bootstrapContaxt.SecurityToken (SAML2) to a WCF Service, so I can secure my WCF Services behind WIF.Any other use of the content is allowed only by permission of

Authentication Token Service for WCF Services (Part 3